How Much Does Estate Planning Cost?
Estate Planning Packages

Essential – $1000/person ($2000/couple)

This is designed for people who are comfortable doing some of the work for themselves. Specifically, I will provide the all of the estate planning documents that you need, but you will be doing the actual work of putting your assets into your new trust (also known as “funding” your trust). Don’t worry, I’ll give you all of the information you need to do it!

  • Revocable living trust
  • Pour-over will
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Advance Health Care Directive
  • Supporting documents (Assignment of Personal Property, Certification of Trust, etc.)
  • Updates free for one year
  • Complete file copy prepared

Advanced – $1500/person ($2500/couple)

This is designed for people who don’t want to have to deal with transferring real estate into the trust. The extended time for free updates is also useful for those who may be expecting their lives or families to change in the foreseeable but not immediate future.

  • All documents included in the Essential package
  • Updates free for two years
  • Transfer one piece of real estate in California

Platinum – $1800/person ($3000/couple)

This is designed for busy people who just want to get everything done as quickly and easily as possible. Please note that additional information may be requested in order to permit me to handle funding on your behalf.

  • All documents included in the Advanced package
  • Funding for up to five financial accounts (no savings accounts included; some limitations with respect to specific institutions may be applicable)

Add-ons – $600 each

This is for those who need to include additional real property or fund additional accounts into your new trust.

  • Funding up to five additional accounts
  • Additional real estate transfer – may be in any state
Effective April 1, 2024